How to Get Rid of Dog Warts

This new report unlocks the secrets
to preventing, diagnosing, and removing dog warts

Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

What you're about to read is likely to save you hundreds of dollars in vet bills. But more importantly, it will ensure that your dog never has to experience the agony of painful and infected warts.

Chances are if you're reading this you've already spotted something resembling warts somewhere on your dog's body.  Although most warts are harmless, it's important that they are diagnosed and observed to prevent any cancerous growths.

You'll quickly be able to diagnose the warts through careful inspection and cross referencing with the photos contained in this report.  You'll learn which warts are benign and which warts are most worrisome.

Although sometimes the warts are painless and go away on their own- often times these warts get infected, become painful, and affect your dog's eating and sleeping habits.  Because your dog can't open up his mouth and tell you when they become bothersome- it's important that you are proactive in preventing them from reaching that point.

While your vet might talk you into the expensive and unpleasant option of surgery… what he won't tell you is that current surgical removal of warts isn't very effective.  In fact- most of the time the warts will quickly come back.

You don't have to be bullied into unnecessary (and expensive) surgery, and you don't have to sit around and hope the warts go away on their own.  You can make the proactive choice and read this report we've put together for you.

What You'll Learn in This Report

  • Get a solid understanding of exactly what these warts are
  • You'll quickly be able to differentiate the different types of warts
  • Provide you with a picture guide that allows accurate diagnosis
  • Cancer can be screened for- and acted on appropriately if suspected
  • You'll learn the causes of these warts
  • A complete system to follow to prevent your dog from getting dog warts in the future
  • Most importantly- You'll learn how to help get rid of the warts on your dog- without the vet bills

The system you will learn for identifying, preventing, and removing these warts is natural, painless, and much more effective than having your vet cut or burn the warts off.

The best part of our natural system is that not only will you remove the warts before complications arise- but this system has a 92% success ratio at keeping the warts off permanently.  It is twice as effective at keeping warts from coming back then the common procedures most vets perform.

Will This System Work For Your Dog?

When I discovered warts on my dog… I panicked.  My vet was out of town so I had no one to go to with this.  That panic lead to me to frantically begin to research warts.  I spent countless hours in forums, talking to vets, and swapping pictures with other dog owners.  I studied up on every "so called" cure I could find.

My dog meant too much for me to take any chances.  So every time I came across something that seemed helpful I would survey thousands of dog owners across the country online to get their opinions and feedback.  As I talked to more people it became more and more clear what was working and what wasn't.

The system outlined in this report is based on the research conducted over a month.  What I found through this research is that, yes, this system will work for any breed of dog.  I was confident that I had found the solution to my dog's wart problem.  And I had.

Within 2 weeks my dog's warts were gone. 

It turns out that my vet being out of town was the best thing that ever happened to me and my pooch.  I avoided the excessive bills- my dog avoided uncomfortable and unreliable surgery.

I was so excited by what I discovered that I began sharing it with the various people I had come across during my research who were still struggling to find a solution.  I was pleasantly surprised when within a month- my inbox was getting filled with positive feedback regarding their dog's warts.

It was then I decided to put together a report and make it available to even more people who's dog's might be at risk or in pain.

My inbox has been flooded with thank you notes since:

October 2008
The book works! We had been to the vet numerous times and they just kept coming back. The immune system was weak and the ebook showed us just what to use and how to keep the dog strong. 2 weeks and the warts were gone!
Janet H California




December 2008
Thank you so much for this e-book! I read so much confusing stuff on the web, but this book put it all together for me and we were able to keep our elderly dog strong and fight the virus. Took about 6 weeks. Thanks!
Ronald Q Colorado

No More Warts

Your dog's warts aren't going away on their own.

Even if they seem like they're not affecting him, they hold the potential for pain and infection down the road.  They are also extremely contagious- which means if you choose to ignore them you will be putting in danger any dog that comes in contact with your dog.

Our simple, inexpensive, and effective system will eliminate any existing warts and ensure that your dog remains wart free.

In as little as two weeks your dog can be completely free of its warts and free to play with other dogs again.  And you'll receive the peace of mind that comes with knowing you took the responsible step towards keeping your dog safe and healthy.

I urge you to download this report and experience the satisfaction of knowing you did the best thing possible for your dog.  Once you read through the report, follow the simple instructions provided for diagnosing, preventing, and eliminating the canine papilloma virus.

And as a dog lover myself- I encourage you to send me your success stories as I love knowing that this report helped another dog.


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We just ask that you email us your success stories!!!



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July 2015
My dog, Winston, had the warts for maybe a month. After just a few days of taking the products and learning from the guide I noticed a difference. They were completely gone within a month!

March 2015
This e-book was amazing!  I began using the information on Cooper and I could actually see results in less than a week.  I am certain he aquired them from his brother(Jackson), which he only had one and went away failry quickly on it's own but Cooper had multiple warts and were growing rapidly.  Within days of giving him the mentioned products and following your procedurs they all began to shrink and were gone within a couple weeks, never to return!
Traci P

December 2014
Wow! Your ebook really helped… My dog had the warts for about a month and there were several new ones sprouting. On day 2, the two large warts fell completely off. After about a week, everything else was gone! There are so many added benefits of the products you mention, I think I'll keep him on it permanently. Besides, he thinks they are "treats" so he does tricks for them! Thank You!
Jeanette N.